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    CLASSIC Bronze
AWS A 5.6: E CuSn - A
Description A specially formulated electrode with phosper bronze core wire for welding of copper and copper alloys like brasses and bronzes. The electrode is having good operating characteristics and is capable of welding in positions. The weld deposit is machinable.
Application Suitable for joining of copper and copper alloys to themselves and to steel, welding of cast iron where machinablity of weld deposit is required but colour machining is not a problem. Ideal for bearings, bushings, impeller blades, ship's propeller, valve seats, galvanized iron, malleable iron and dissimilar metals like mild steel, phosphor bronze and brass.
Current Condition DC +
Weld Metal Chemical Properties (%)
4.3 - 6.0
90 - 95
0.030 max

Weld Metal Mechanical Properties

Hardness (Brinell)
230 - 330
70 - 90
Packing Details
Size ( mm)
Packing ( Pkt x Pcs )
6 x 5.0
4 x 5.0
4 x 5.0
4 x 5.0
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