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    CLASSIC SS - 309 Cb
AWS A 5.4: E 309 Cb-16
IS : 5206 : E 23.12 Nb 26
Application Welding of 25 Cr-12Ni Columbium Stabilised Steel and Equivalent Grades of Steel, Straight Chrome Steels, Overlaying on Carbon Steel for Improving Resistance. Welding Mild Steel to Stainless Steel etc.

    CLASSIC SS - 309L
AWS A 5.4: E 309L
IS : 5206 : E 23.12L R 26
Application Welding of AISI 309L andEquivalent Grades of Steel, straight Chrome steels, Joining Stainless Steel to Low Alloy and Carbon Steels, Welding the clad Side of 18 Cr - 8 Ni Clad Steel etc.

    CLASSIC SS - 310
AWS A 5.4: E 310 - 16
IS : 5206 : E 25.20 R 26
Application Welding of AISI 310 and Equivalent Grades like German Steel 4762,4828,4845 & 4848, Straight Chrome Steels, Dissimilar Steels etc. Application Segment includes Polymerization Plant, Hydrogenation Plant, High Temperature Furnace parts, Carburising Pots, Annealing Boxes etc.

    CLASSIC SS - 312
AWS A 5.4: E 312 - 16
Application Joining & Surfacing of High Steel, Low and High Alloy Steels, Tool Steels, Spring Steels, Manganese Steels, Case Hardening Steels, High Speed Steels, Cast Steels, Difficult Weld and Unidentified Steel. Highly suitable for Joining of Dissimilar Steels like Mild Steel to SS, Low Alloy and High Alloy Steels to SS or Mild Steel. Can be used as Buffer Layer prior to Hard Facing on Unidentified Steels.

    CLASSIC SS - 316
AWS A 5.4: E 316 - 16
IS : 5206 : E 19.12.2 R 26
Application For welding of Aisi 316, 317 Type and Equivalent Grade of Steel, TP -316 Pipes, CPF-8M Castings, Tanks, Vats, Chemical Mixers, Dye and Pain Manufacturing Equipment.
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