About Us

Classic Electrodes (India) Limited is a leading electrode manufacturing company in India. We are known for the production of dynamic quality products and have been market leaders for more than two decades. Established in 1997, Classic Electrodes (India) Limited has been serving some of the well-known global manufacturing industries. Our products are the most sought after due to its high-quality efficiency along with durability. We use the most advance technology when it comes to production. All our products are timely supervised under highly experienced engineers and technicians.
Our company works in a very strategic direction. Our organization includes professional entrepreneurs with a sound financial background. Therefore, quality remains a significant part of our business. Our executive members are market leaders with over 65 years of market experience. Therefore, our experience has been more than an asset when it comes to customer satisfaction. Our executive members have exceptional leadership track record along with international exposure and deep strategic expertise. We possess proven experience in driving transformation and managing all the technological aspirations of the customers.