Low Alloy and High Tensile..
Made to minimise hydrogen contamination and ensure clean, high-strength welds for alloy steel applications.
Cast Iron Electrodes
Excellent for welding cast iron, offering excellent machinability and cast resistance to preserve the integrity of components.
Stainless Steel Electrodes
Welding electrodes are made from a specific type of stainless steel alloy to provide exceptional performance in various fabrication tasks.
Hard Facing Electrodes
Best for overlaying surfaces with wear-resistant deposits, increased durability and endurance in harsh environments.
Deep Penetration Electrodes
Designed to go through thick materials, enabling efficient welding with superior fusion and strong joint integrity for demanding projects.
Low Hydrogen Electrodes
Minimize hydrogen-induced cracking and ensure clean, strong welds ideal for critical applications in high-strength materials.

Mild Steel Electrodes

Essential for welding mild steel, offering versatility, ease of use, and reliable performance in various fabrication tasks.
Iron Power High Tensile Steel…
Engineered for robust welding, delivering strength, durability, and precision in high-stress applications.
Non-Ferrous Welding…
Crafted for joining non-ferrous metals, ensuring precise, clean welds, and maintaining the integrity of diverse metal compositions.
Cutting and Gauging…
Made for precise cutting and shaping, providing clean, accurate results for a variety of metalworking applications.
Reclaimation Electrodes
Excellent for rebuilding worn or damaged parts, offering excellent deposition efficiency, and restoring components to their original condition.
Co2 Solid Mig/Mag Wires
Ideal for gas metal arc welding, ensuring stable, efficient operation and high-quality welds in various industrial applications.
S.S Solid Mig Wires
Designed for stainless steel welding, guaranteeing clean, precise welds with superior corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.