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    CLASSIC SS - 316L
AWS A 5.4: E 316 L-16
IS : 5206 : E 19.12.2 L R 26
Application For welding of 316, 316L, 317, 317L and Equivalent Grades Niobium and Titanium Stabilised Stainless Steel of 18 Cr - 12 Ni types like SS 2344, SS 2345 etc. Suitable for SS clad Plates, Chemical Plants, Paint & Dye Industry etc.
    CLASSIC SS - 317L
AWS A 5.4: E 317L - 16
IS : 5206 : E 1.12.3 R 26
Application For welding of Stainless Steel where exceptional resistance against Inorganic Acids e.g. Suphuric, Phosphoric & Halogens is required. Also suitable for welding similar steels and AISI 316L Steels.

    CLASSIC SS - 318
AWS A 5.4: E 318 - 16
Application Welding of Niobium and Titanium Added Stablized Grades of Stainless Steels and Joining of Steels of similar compositions. Application segments include chemical, Plant & Bleaching industries, picking Plants etc.

    CLASSIC SS - 347
AWS A 5.4: E 347 - 16
IS : 5206 : E 19.9 Nb R 26
Application For welding of AISI 347, 321 and Equivalent Grades. Also suitable for welding of 604L, 308L and Similar Types. Application Segment include Chemical, Food, Aircraft Manufacturing Industries etc.
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